Famous Steakhouse Retains IPG Real Estate

Ben and Jacks Steak House is the quintessential steak house in New York. They have been in business for 11 years and have had superb reviews in regard to their culinary expertise.

Ben and Jacks decided to explore expanding their business in Manhattan and turned to IPG Real Estate. They knew the President of IPG Real Estate had a long professional history in commercial real estate especially his tenure as the head of the World Trade Center’s Real Estate.

Keith Radhuber, the Executive Managing Director of IPG Real Estate quipped, “It is a genuine pleasure and honor to work for such a great restaurant. The owners are the consummate steak house experts. It is important to them to choose a location that reflects their image and caliber of restaurant. We will be seeking spaces in the range of 4000 sf and 6000 sf in locales such as Midtown East.

The steak house industry in Manhattan is competitive. There are presently over 50 that identify themselves as steak houses in Manhattan form 96th street south to Wall Street and river to river.

George Donohue, President of IPG Real Estate stated, “One of the aspects of our company that clients like Ben and Jacks greatly appreciate is that we specialize in representing good tenants. Our competitors represent the landlords and the tenants. We and our savvy clients know this is a conflict of interest. So this plus our knowledge of the market and our negotiating expertise makes us the best company to handle these types of assignments.”

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Written by: Lindsay Craven