Valuation and Appraisal

We analyze the economy so our expert professionals can provide valuations and appraisal reports that are accurate, credible and timely. Our valuation experts will give you the confidence to make investment decisions decisively and profitably.

We deliver not only current evaluations but look beyond to future assessments by analyzing and understanding future market trends. This helps our clients to develop realistic strategies which best fits in with their long term objectives.

Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)

A Broker Opinion of Value (a “BOV”) is an educated “best guess” as to a commercial property’s current market value based upon a careful assessment of market and property conditions that affect the value of a commercial property. In preparing a BOV for you, a licensed IPG real estate broker or salesperson from our Investment Properties team will visit your property, collect pertinent information and details — such as income, expenses, physical condition, deferred maintenance, tax, zoning, and environmental data — as well as assessing local market conditions which may (or may not) impact value such as job growth, transportation, shopping, population growth, etc.

After review of this information, together with an intensive analysis of recent comparable sales, if any (and only to the extent available), IPG Real Estate will provide you with a BOV  —  i.e., our “best guess” based on our data, analysis and experience as to the value that the market will place on your property in the event of an actual sale.

This process is usually undertaken when an owner is seriously considering the possibility of selling the property and, while not intended to be definitive, frequently provides that owner with useful guidance on when and how to proceed.

NOTE: a BOV is not an appraisal and should never be confused with one. No representation is made or implied that a property will, in fact, achieve a sale price equal to the BOV since information is frequently incomplete, imprecise, or imperfect and market conditions frequently change rapidly and without prior warning.