Business Brokerage

The IPG Business Brokerage professionals apply their experience and business acumen to guide small local acquisitions or sales as well as larger international acquisitions or sales. They manage and direct strategic transactions which include the selling of a business, mergers, divestitures, joint ventures and any other type of similar transaction.

Two of the key differences between IPG and the larger mega firms is that IPG is more nimble and can act and respond quicker and more efficiently. In addition, retaining the services of IPG are far more valuable since superb capabilities are provided at a lower fee schedule.

IPG experts advise private as well as public entities on the type of sale, purchase or merger and most importantly advise them on the negotiation and help plan the overall strategy. These skills can be provided to buyers, sellers, investors, management groups and venture capitalists both in the United States and abroad.

IPG draws upon the best and brightest executives to provide advice that is comprehensive, practical and innovative.

IPG’s Business Brokerage service can be provided to clients in many industries. Most notably and in recent years, IPG has worked on acquisitions of American and European firms by Asian private and governmental entities. IPG has especially worked on strategies related to the areas of logistics, robotics, medical, health & nutrition, small tool works and technology.

IPG is extremely adept at analyzing the current status and trends of the subject parties to propose the best transaction. IPG can be involved with every aspect of the transaction or play a more passive role. We are here to accommodate the clients’ timetable, strategy and financial goals.