Fatal Mistake: Hiring Poor Negotiators

Interviewers all have their own techniques, depending on the type of company and personality type they are looking for, but a key question that some neglect to ask about is a candidate’s negotiating skills.

Negotiating skills are vital for many jobs, but especially for a real estate agent. If they cannot negotiate an effective price for his or her client, then they are, to put it nicely, not very valuable to the firm they are working for or their clients. A good way to know a potential employee’s negotiating skills is when it comes to their salary/commission percentage. If they struggle with that, they will struggle in the real world as well.

George Donohue, President of IPG Real Estate, says: “without a fundamental knowledge of negotiations, a real estate agent is at a great disadvantage and is likely not lead as successful of a career opposed to an expert negotiator. I have seen it time and time again where an agent is great at finding spaces for his/her client but often looses confidence heading into the negotiation and does not get the best deal possible for his/her client”.

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Written by: Lindsay Craven