Delinquent Mortgage

A mortgage will be considered to be a delinquent mortgage after the borrower stops making the required monthly payments. The borrowers will have a chance to make arrangements with their lenders to become current with their payments again. If they cannot come to an agreement on how to do this, their lenders will be able to begin foreclosure proceedings against them. A mortgage is secured by the property, and this means that if the mortgage becomes a delinquent mortgage, the lender will be able to evict the borrowers and sell the house. The lenders will, most likely, sell the home in an auction that takes place on the courthouse steps. If the house cannot be sold for the full amount, the lenders may take the borrowers to court and sue them for the remainder of the debt. Borrowers can avoid the foreclosure sale by asking the lenders to sell the home and accept less than is owed in what is called a short sale.