Cantilever is generally used in the housing and construction industry to refer to a structure that only has support on one end. Cantilevers are most commonly seen in balconies and decks. One end of a cantilevered balcony is attached to a building’s structure, but the other end seems to mysteriously hang in space. There is support for cantilevers, and the weight is usually held by the wall on one end and a beam in the middle. The distance between the wall and beam is usually required to be 66 percent of the structure’s length. The beam and wall balance the weight and allow 33 percent of a cantilevered structure to float in the air. Seesaws are a type of structure that is cantilevered on both sides. In the middle of the playground seesaw, there is a pole that supports some of the weight. On either end, the cantilevered riders offset each other, and the seesaw moves up and down.