Inspection Report

An inspection report is a written report completed by a third-party, licensed home inspector. Upon conducting a home site visit, the home inspector will survey the physical aspects of the building, including the outside areas immediately surrounding the home. Typically, the inspector will make notes on a template checklist as he/she examines various areas and systems of the house. These will include the foundation, roof, framing, gutters, chimney, outdoor shrubbery, windows and exterior and interior wall coverings and paint. The inspector will look for signs of rodent or insect infestation and water damage. HVAC systems will also be thoroughly inspected, and appliances will be tested for operating condition. Electrical wall outlets and light switches will be examined for building code compliance. The completed inspection report will be presented to the person or company who requested and paid for the report, and it is considered an official part of full disclosure for the property.