Victorian Style

Victorian style is an architectural style dating from the mid-1800s through 1900. The term Victorian is in honor of Great Britain’s Queen Victoria who ruled that nation from 1839 through 1901. This term actually encompasses an evolving slate of styles that gradually came and went in the late 19th century. In the United States, the Victorian style generally refers to a multi-story home with an asymmetrical fa ade. Steep roofs with irregular shapes are common as well as a dominant front gable. Most facades have shingles or ornate cut-outs to break up smooth walls. Porches spanning the front and one or both sides of the home is a regular part of this style. Turrets and towers are also found in many of these homes. Multicolored painting schemes were popular during the Victorian era and are quite common on these homes today. Common subcategories of this style include Queen Anne, Stick, Shingle, Second Empire, and Gothic.