Kalutstyan’s Famous Spice Company Hires IPG

Kalutststyan’s, looking to expand in Manhattan, hired IPG Real Estate to locate them a space.

Kalutststyan’s is a famous specialty spice store which all the top chefs, including Iron Chefs, use in their dishes. It is a world renowned company and they currently only have one store open, but it is possible to order their spices ad they will ship them to you.

When they knew it was time to expand, they hired IPG to help locate a new spot in Manhattan. This is a complicated assignment for IPG as there are many factors to take into consideration, such as: the scent, the size, and where the trucks will be able to unload the spices.

Kalutststyan’s is looking for a 500 square foot located in Chelsea.

IPG is excited to be working on the project so closely with the Kalutststyan’s team.


Written by: Lindsay Craven