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Many successful companies often find themselves strapped for cash for many reasons such as new customer orders that have to be filled, a big increase in employees, bringing a new great product or service to the market place. Traditionally, owners look to their bankers to borrow money and regretfully add […]

Sale Leasebacks Becoming More Popular

IPG has created internal documents that will value businesses (restaurant and retail) as well as land. The documents consist of both a spreadsheet and a how-to-use guide for agents to give to their clients in order for their clients to understand how their business/land is valued and where the dollar […]

IPG Creates Valuation Guidebooks

IPG was sought out to represent China’s major robotic company, a company worth six billion dollars. Due to the large amounts of real estate robotics companies have, IPG was selected to spear-head the negotiations and the assignment. The company is seeking to purchase a successful American robotics company as part […]

IPG Represents Major Robotic Company