A Record Sale for Bedford-Stuyvesant by IPG’s Brooklyn Team

International Properties Group’s Brooklyn team recently sold 636 MacDonough Street for a record price for a standard one family home in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The price was $1.135 million (more than $500 per square foot, for a property that had not been recently renovated).

Despite the fact there were all-cash buyers at $1 million, International Properties Group strategically held out, striving to maximize the seller’s return.

“We took our time, while working efficiently, and kept marketing for a top price, which we were confident we could achieve with the right outreach,” said Andrew Chepaitis, Director of Sales & Leasing at International Properties Group.

In the end, International Properties Group was able to net 135K more for the sale. “That could pay for the entire cost of the the sellers’ son’s college education,” Chepaitis said. “We keep in mind what a difference a higher sales price would make in a seller’s (or buyer’s) life.”

With a range of real estate specialization, International Properties Group consists of experts at valuing properties and attracting qualified buyers to buy them – at competitive prices.

“On a per square foot basis, 636 MacDonough Street is a great value for the buyer,” Chepaitis said. “If the property was a two family, they could have paid hundreds of thousand of dollars more.”

Company culture at International Properties Group is to focus on the long term – in terms of client relationships, and ROI for owners.

“We were thrilled for the seller that it all worked out so well,” Chepaitis said. “For us, the fact that it was a record sale for a single family advertised as such, that was just icing on the cake.”