Two Historic Properties Hit the Market in Sullivan County

International Properties Group’s Hudson Valley Team Takes on Churches from 1800s

As International Properties Group continues growth in the Hudson Valley, the company’s latest assignment includes two churches from the 1800s. Located in Wurtsboro, New York, the churches have attracted a flow in interested buyers since hitting the market in January.

“We’ve hosted showings for architects, other church delegates, and potential buyers that are drawn to the historical aspects of the properties,” said Kendall Kless, of International Properties Group.

Her colleague, Kristine Scheufele has also overseen several showings of the churches. “With Sullivan County being only 90 minutes from New York City, we’re seeing people come from all over the Greater New York Area to view these structures,” Scheufele said.

The larger of the two churches is located at 663 Red Hill Road, and listed at $120,000. Possessing clear “float” glass windows, the historical structure has basement foundation walls that are 3.5 feet deep, and a balcony. A former one-room schoolhouse sits on a lot adjacent to the church property, with an old stone wall defining the two lots.

“Architectural drawings of the properties are now available on websites we created exclusively for each structure,” Scheufele said. “We felt the drawings were a vital part of sharing the unique quality and charm of these churches.”

The second church is located at 102-104 Summitville Road, and  listed at $90,000. It is a one-level structure with stained glass windows, and built-in ramp. “For anyone that is concerned with accessibility, the ramp is an attractive feature,” Kless said. “People that have a fascination with history will enjoy the cornerstone on this church, which clearly dates the building back to the 1800s.”

The two historical churches are both located off Route 209, in good condition, and share some architectural features. “Both are equipped with raised platform areas that arts or community groups may find appealing and useful,” Kless said. “They also both have functional bell towers.”

Tours are now available.