Companies are Hiring Real Estate Consultants to be Proactive

When companies are first starting out, they always remember to create a business plan, but often times they forget to create a real estate plan to match. Real estate plans are critical to businesses because if not made in advance, business can run into difficultly, and are often times stuck when deciding to expand, downsize, relocate, or surrender the lease.

Alexa, Director of Sales at IPG Real Estate, says: “It is so critical that executives, of all ages, bring in the real estate consultant early on in the process so the growth plan can be realized in a hassle free way. We have seen companies fail or take deep losses because they were unable to expand as planned. Conversely, sometimes the company has to reorganize that they want to downsize, which would also not be an option if the lease did not permit.”

Before companies act on anything, they should bring in the real estate professional to consult with and make sure their needs are met in the contract.

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Written by: Lindsay Craven