Maintenance & Emergency Repairs (In a Lease)

The details of the specific maintenance and emergency repairs are included in a lease. A lease, by nature, signifies that the renter does not technically own the dwelling and therefore will not be responsible for the maintenance and repair of certain items. However, there are some maintenance items that may be the responsibility of the tenant such as regular air filter replacement, lawn grooming, light bulb replacement and other minor repairs. Conversely, system-wide maintenance issues such as plumbing or electrical shortages are typically the responsibility of the home owner because it is part of the structure, which is officially owned by them. Descriptive language will explain the maintenance and emergency repairs in a lease. The lease will designate certain responsibilities to the tenant as well as to the owner. Tenants can negotiate any items that they feel may be overly burdensome on them or excessively costly. Additionally, tenants may recommend adding any items that are not included in the lease but may foreseeably need repair, such as appliances.