Master-Planned Community

A master-planned community is one that incorporates multiple features and services that would be considered desirable by the residents of that community. Master-planned communities are designed to serve a specific market segment. There may be a community planned for seniors and retirees or there may be one that is designed to suit the needs of young families and working professionals. Housing may consist of single family homes, townhouses, condominiums or rental units. Most master-planned communities have several different types of housing. A grocery store, several restaurants, a gas station, playgrounds, open spaces and schools may be part of such a community. The roads are all planned years in advance, and utilities such as water, electricity and telephone service are also incorporated into the plan. There may be association fees to help maintain the common areas and specific bylaws that prohibit certain activities. Master-planned communities offer many of the best amenities, but they also come with many rules and restrictions.