IPG Represents Major Robotic Company

IPG was sought out to represent China’s major robotic company, a company worth six billion dollars. Due to the large amounts of real estate robotics companies have, IPG was selected to spear-head the negotiations and the assignment.

The company is seeking to purchase a successful American robotics company as part of their plan to internationalize their presence in the global market. The assignment is to find the right American company and to handle the negotiations between both parties.

IPG believes that robotics is the next frontier of purchases form Chinese companies in the American market.

Keith Radhuber, Managing Director at IPG Real Estate, comments that “robots are being used in almost every industry across the board. Whether it be in the medical, telecommunications, automotive, or electronic field, robots are key assets to the manufacturing component”.

George Donohue, President of IPG Real Estate, comments on why they were chosen to represent the Billion doallr robotics company: “IPG is often elected over major corporations like Merril Lynch and Goldman Sachs because the enterprise wants total confidentiality and secrecy about its strategies and IPG can legally agree to not take on any competitors of the client where as the others (i.e. Lynch and Sachs) cannot”.

The company at this point in time has asked IPG not disclose its strategy and therefore the company shall remain unnamed.

Written by: Lindsay Craven