IPG Creates Valuation Guidebooks

IPG has created internal documents that will value businesses (restaurant and retail) as well as land.

The documents consist of both a spreadsheet and a how-to-use guide for agents to give to their clients in order for their clients to understand how their business/land is valued and where the dollar figure comes from.

The spreadsheets were made user friendly through colour coating. The only numbers the clients will have to input are simple ones such as annual sales or payroll; numbers that would otherwise not be known to an agent.

The valuations will adjust automatically once numbers are inputted making the sheets very user friendly and simple.

These valuations are very helpful for clients as it gives them a realistic perspective as to how much their business/land is valued without considering the emotional factors. As well, it shows how much it is worth in comparison to the market and other similar properties.

The best part about these guidebooks is that they are completely free. Contact an agent today in order to meet with an agent and go through the valuation specific to you.

Written By: Lindsay Craven