IPG Sells Home in Tight Deadline Despite Complications

Due to IPG professional’s resourcefulness Cameron Howard, a Leasing and Sales expert at IPG Real Estate, was able to sell ___ home fighting off the complications as they came.

Unforeseen obstacles arose during the sale of 3330 Country Road. Our own, Cameron Howard, rose to the challenge and was able to sell the property (above/at) asking price. Showing how resourceful IPG agents can be Howard was able to rearrange schedules, involving those of lawyers, sellers, and buyers. As the complications were solved, Howard was also able to keep his clients happy and their wishes intact through his negotiation skills.

One of the most difficult aspects of selling any home is coordinating the move in and move out schedules of the respective buyer and seller. In this particular case, the seller delayed close to 2 months. The buyer regretfully had sold his home and needed to move into the seller’s home at a very specific time. Quite often, tempers flare and congeniality between the parties can quickly turn into adversarial feelings. It is important that the real estate professional remain calm, cool and collected. Howard remained steadfast and upbeat at all times keeping everyone involved and up to date.

Another important point about this transaction was that Mr. Howard was retained as the exclusive buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent is __________________. He was retained on _____________ and found the perfect home for his client to buy within ______________ months.

Quote from Cameron (how he was able to solve the problem)

IPG works closely with each and every client to make sure their needs are met.


Written by: Lindsay Craven