Real Estate Buzz: The Allure of Moving to the Hudson Valley

What Residents in the Boroughs Need to Know Before They Buy

Last summer, the Huffington Post published “30 Things You Need to Know about the Hudson Valley Before You Move There.” A commutable distance to New York City, it’s no secret the region’s real estate market offers beautiful properties at desirable prices. For New Yorkers ready to graduate to homeowner status and maintain city access, moving to the Hudson Valley is worth looking into.

According to the article “Hudson Valley Real Estate Values” published by Hudson Valley Magazine last spring, Orange county sold 2,170 single family homes in 2013, with a median price of $235,000. That same year, the median sales price in Ulster was $205,000 with 1,226 homes being sold in the county.

“The time to purchase a home in the Hudson Valley is now,” said George Donohue, president of International Properties Group. “Aside from incomparable scenic beauty, the region offers desirable student teacher ratios in school districts, and homes that can accommodate bigger families and pets.”


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When compared to other other areas that New Yorkers might look to buy, the affordability of the Hudson Valley is undebatable. According to, the Bronx median residential sale price in 2013 was $310,000, up 3% since 2008. Last February, the site released a comprehensive overview of the borough’s housing market with the article “Bronx Real Estate Market Sees Fewer Home Sales, Slightly Bigger Prices.”


In the Hudson Valley, additional benefits of purchasing a home include closer proximity to local farms, vineyards and walking trails, including the world famous Walkway of the Hudson. Documented as the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, the Walkway spans the width of the Hudson River, connecting Ulster and Dutchess counties.

“The quality of life the Hudson Valley offers makes it easy to see why people are looking to move there,” said Kristine Guerrero of International Properties Group. “On top of that, the excellent price points make it affordable for New Yorkers to buy.”

Possessing insider knowledge of available properties and their unique attributes, Guerrero’s team specializes in finding residential buyers their ideal home that suits their needs.

“My team is experienced in the Hudson Valley real estate market,” she said. “We have successfully managed a diverse portfolio of properties in the region, and can navigate people through the qualification process so they can achieve their goal of buying a home.”

With Manhattan a drivable distance from the Hudson Valley, the Metro North railroad and multiple bus lines provide additional options for transportation. Jolanda Jansen, civil engineer with a background in land use is a Hudson Valley resident that greatly values the accessibility of the area.

“As an immigrant with family in both the Netherlands and New Zealand, I live less than two hours of the major airports from which I can reach the rest of the world,” she said. “Yet when I look out my window, I see deer, foxes, turkeys. Here I am surrounded by nature and can reach everywhere from the Hudson Valley.”

Interested in learning more about moving to the Hudson Valley? Check out what the New York Times had to say.

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