Top Architect Hires IPG

One of the top architects in New York, Narofsky, hired IPG Real Estate to relocate them.

This task was to be executed quickly in order to save the operation valuable time and money. Originally located on the ground floor in a Manhattan office building, Narofsky needed to move to a location that was easily accessible for clients.

That is when IPG came up with the idea to move to Long Island. This accommodated Narofsky’s requests for two reasons. The first reason being it saved a lot of money; the second reason was that a lot of assigments were coming in from Long Island and people were driving to Manhattan from Long Island which is a timely task. Moving to Long Island achieved a higher productivity since they were more easily accessible and less time was needed between the back and fourth.

George Donohue, President of IPG Real Estate, said that “typically real estate agents may just find a location, but at IPG we become part of the strategic team, looking to achieve important items in the deal like achieving higher productivity and reducing operating costs”.

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Written by: Lindsay Craven