IPG International Advisors—Why Foreigners Hire IPG

At IPG we pride ourselves on being culturally diverse, both in respect to our agents and our clients. Our company’s diversity reflects the American values of inclusiveness and acceptance. Much of our staff can speak a second language and hold dual citizenships, giving us a leg up on the competition when it comes to foreign clients.

At IPG we have made deals with people from over 40 different countries, which has lead us to become experts in dealing with foreign cultures and views. We respect each and every culture and try to adhere to it as best we can.

“We are often contracted to help foreign investors due to the size of our firm” says Keith Radhuber, Managing Director of IPG Real Estate. He continues by stating “being a medium sized firm we do not/will not represent a client’s competitor, whereas large firms often do”.

“Being the Head Of Real Estate at The World Trade Centre for 10 years, I worked on many projects involving foreign companies and investors” comments George Donohue, President of IPG Real Estate. “Due to my many years of experience, foreign investors see IPG as the go to international advisor”.

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Written by: Lindsay Craven