PopUp Spaces: The Year’s Hottest Venue in the LES

One of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods now has one more reason to be ranked one of the most desirable areas on the island. For anyone seeking new commercial space that is temporary, exclusive, spacious or all of the above, then the Lower East Side of Manhattan should be their next destination.

It’s no secret that pop-ups are on the rise, with spaces being used for an incredible list of purposes including:

  • New Product Launches
  • Test Marketing
  • Holiday and Seasonal Sales
  • Temporary Retail Space
  • Inventory Off-loading and Storage
  • Movie and Photography Shoots
  • Parties and Fashion Shoots
  • Exclusive Private Events

As of Fall 2015, availability has opened up in a brand new venue that is near 100+ galleries and within a half mile radius of about 200k+ residents. According to Jean Ryan, Director of Sales and Leasing at IPG Real Estate “this particular space in the Lower East Side is unique and a great find. It boasts 8,419sf on the ground floor and another 2,000sf on the mezzanine level,” she said. “There are 23′ high ceilings and it maybe rented for any duration from one day to one year.”

Ryan leads the Pop-Up Space Division and IPG Real Estate and said that her team keeps an updated database of spaces that are best suited for PopUp use, depending on the needs of the client. “We have many other spaces that can accommodate a client’s ideas, budget or timing.”

Surrounded by the artistic and cultural vibrancy of the Lower East Side, Ryan’s latest priority pop-up space offers visibility for retailers and the promise of high foot traffic as it sits at the base of a new and fashionable 290+ room hotel.

Contact jryan@realestateipg.com for details on touring and booking New York City pop-up spaces.

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