Luxury Residences​ Break Ground on Historic Site in Hudson Valley

Campbell Hall Offers Housing Advantages for Residents 55+

Set to break ground on new development in the spring of 2015, the 40 acre historic Blackburn​e​ Farm property in Campbell Hall will soon offer luxury residences​ for those age 55 and over.

Coined an “active adult community” by Masterwork Home, 12 attached townhomes and 17 single family houses​ are anticipated to be built ​by the award winning design/build firm, that specializes in design, construction and property management. Located on Route 416, the rural site abuts the 719-acre Thomas Bull Memorial Park, and is only 1.5 hours from New York City.

“There are so many features that make Blackburne stand out as an ideal residence for people who are 55+,” said Teresa Vela-Hayes ​of International Properties Group. “It is a place where an established community already exists. The site is home to six condominiums with thriving occupancy, and residents have the option to either lease or buy these boutique residences.”

Once a horse farm, the first structure was originally built on the property in 1916. Soon, the construction of the now historic Ottaway House followed. A stand-alone structure from the  1960s, the Ottaway House was home to the original family that owned  the Blackburne estate. Features of the house include floating stairs, and an indoor pool equipped with cabanas.

“The Ottaway House is an architectural gem from the mid 20th century,” said George Donohue president of International Properties Group. “It was the quintessential luxury home of its time, and calls to anyone who possesses a great appreciation for important American architecture.”

Continuing the tradition of luxury at Blackburne Farm, every new residence planned for construction will be unique in design. “For many people, their tastes mature as they age,” said Joseph Matta of Masterwork Home. “This community is for the people who like unique, smaller places that are well designed.”

The community will be a place where residents can connect with one another at a variety of places, including an exclusive clubhouse with an exercise facility, the dog park, the community garden and a private pond.

“The luxuries are all top quality and a pleasure to live in, but the support is what makes this so perfect a solution for us,” said current Blackburne resident Darlene Rossi. “From management right down to the groundskeepers, everything is done at a level far above our expectations.”

According to Vela-Hayes, common property maintenance concerns may be eliminated at Blackburne as services such as snow removal and landscaping are included in the homeowners fee. “This is an ideal living option for empty​-​nesters,” she said.

​”I anticipate these new residences to fill up very quickly, in advance of being built,” Vela-Hayes said. “Future residents will have choices in customizing their home, which is another advantage that Blackburne offers.”​

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